We cut the dock lines!

Well, its that time.  We’ve checked off all the items on our to do list, made a few sea trial runs, provisioned, filled up with fuel and water, loaded up the dingy and taken the final trip to Lake Charles to say “so long” to family. 

The plan is to anchor for a few days in Galveston monitoring Predict Wind to finalize our crossing route and departure date.

People keep asking if I’m nervous and the answer is “OF COURSE!”.  This will be the longest trip we’ve taken, our first overnight sailing and it will be just the two of us.  But, we’ve prepared Ddraig, and ourselves, as well as we could.  Other than hiring experience crew to go with us, which would change the whole experience, there really isn’t anything else we could do to be better prepared. 

I know there will be moments ahead that are scary, exhausting, lonely, hot, cold or just plain bad.  But I’m also sure there will be moments that are exhilarating, peaceful, beautiful and simply amazing. 

Time to take that giant leap and just go!  Next update should be from the other side of the Gulf…

taking on fuel
cut that line

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