Well, we did it…our house is sold, all of our belongings have either been packed up and stored, donated/given away or moved onto the boat.  Both of us have left our jobs and we are now officially liveaboards. 

For me, this has been a long journey with lots of ups and downs, excitement and regret, sadness and loss but also a feeling of freedom.  It’s really strange the things that affected me most.  While selling and moving out of the house was stressful and emotional, there were other things that really hit me hard.  Some I understood (my Harley!!) but others not so much.  Retiring from my job was also very difficult for me.  I think for some of us, or maybe it’s just me, our identities are very much wrapped up in what we do.  I had been at my job for over 20 years and while far from doing brain surgery, I felt competent and confident in my abilities there.  Now we’re jumping off into a whole new world!

Of course, once moved aboard there’s not been time to dwell on any of this.  We are fully focused on all of the items on our checklist that need to be accomplished before we cast off at the end of the year.  Many, many projects with little time so full steam ahead!!


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