The Boat Finds You

Our original five year plan was to build up a boat fund over three years, buy the perfect boat and spend the last two years before retirement taking it out on weekends and getting it set up for full time cruising. Looking back now, I can’t help thinking about the old saying about God and plans.

When we first saw the listing we thought Ddraig was the type of boat that could meet all of our needs. But we had decided early on this adventure would be done strictly on a cash basis and unfortunately the price was well above what we had in the boat fund.  So after explaining this to the listing agent, we basically tried to put it out of our minds.

Out of the blue, a few months later Russell gets a call from the agent who says the owner would like to make a deal with us if we were interested. Now, as anyone who has spent time looking at used boats for sale can tell you, people lie. They lie about the condition of the engine, they lie about the condition of the rigging and they post 10 year old pictures in the ads.  But it was only a thirteen hour drive and we like road trips. Besides, what could it hurt just to check it out?

Russell has always said that you don’t find a boat, it finds you. That was certainly true when we got Ddraig.

One of my main questions was why the seller would be willing to come down so drastically from the listed price. This is where his theory comes in.

It turns out the sellers were the parents of Ddraig’s owner, who had passed away unexpectedly. It was getting to be too much of an emotional burden for them to deal with. They were hoping to find someone to carry on their son’s plan of fixing her up and cruising the Caribbean.  Exactly our plan!

Within a couple of hours of our arrival, having met the parents and learning all about the previous owner and his plans, with both of us in tears, we signed a purchase agreement and left a deposit.

As we are driving away, we looked at each other and the realization hit.

Holy Crap!!!! We just bought a boat! Now what?? We have to schedule a haul out and survey. Oh and by the way – this boat is in Florida and our marina is a thousand miles away in Texas. How the heck will we make this work…..

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